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Recently Painted:
Artist: Ulysses/Ldysseus
Title: Greek Hero and Adventurer
Recently Painted:
Artist: David pelbam
Title: Old Sea Captain
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Magritte, Rene
(Belgian, 1898-1967)

Page Three

Title: Le sihcle des lumihres

Painting ID: MR1064

Title: L'Idee fixe, 1928

Painting ID: MR1065

Title: The Empty Mask, 1928

Painting ID: MR1066

Title: Perspective: Madame Recamier by David

Painting ID: MR1067

Title: Les Jours Gigantesques, 1928

Painting ID: MR1068

Title: La Modele rouge, 1935

Painting ID: MR1069

Title: The Human Condition, 1935

Painting ID: MR1070

Title: Perspicacity, 1936

Painting ID: MR1071

Title: The Domain of Arnheim, 1938

Painting ID: MR1072

Title: La Therapeute, 1941

Painting ID: MR1073

Title: Corde sensible, 1960

Painting ID: MR1074

Title: The Lost Jockey, 1948

Painting ID: MR1075

Title: The Companions of Fear, 1942

Painting ID: MR1076

Title: The Palace of Curtains, ca. 1928

Painting ID: MR1077

Title: Flowers of Evil, 1946

Painting ID: MR1078

Title: The Cicerone, 1947

Painting ID: MR1079

Title: This is Not an Apple, 1964

Painting ID: MR1080

Title: The Great War, 1964

Painting ID: MR1081

Title: The Two Mysteries, 1966

Painting ID: MR1082

Title: The Blank Page, 1967

Painting ID: MR1083

Title: Memory, 1948

Painting ID: MR1084

Title: The Art of Conversation, 1950

Painting ID: MR1085

Title: Self-Portrait with Four Arms, 1952

Painting ID: MR1086

Title: L'Invention de la vie, 1928

Painting ID: MR1087

Title: The Empire of Lights II, 1950

Painting ID: MR1088

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