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Recently Painted:
Artist: Ulysses/Ldysseus
Title: Greek Hero and Adventurer
Recently Painted:
Artist: David pelbam
Title: Old Sea Captain
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Chirico, Giorgio de
(Italian, 1888-1978)

Title: Love Song, 1914

Painting ID: CGD1001

Title: The Philosopher's Conquest, 1914

Painting ID: CGD1002

Title: Las musas inquietantes, 1916

Painting ID: CGD1003

Title: The Red Tower, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1004

Title: Christ and the Storm, detail, 1914

Painting ID: CGD1005

Title: The Great Metaphysician, 1917

Painting ID: CGD1006

Title: Melancholy and Mystery of a Street, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1007

Title: The Uncertainty of the Poet, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1008

Title: The Seer (The Prophet), 1915

Painting ID: CGD1009

Title: Nativity, 1945

Painting ID: CGD1010

Title: The Great Tower./La Grande Tour, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1011

Title: Le Reve transforme, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1012

Title: Nostalgia of the Infinite, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1013

Title: Piazza d'Italia, 1913

Painting ID: CGD1014

Title: Portrait premonitoire de Guillaume Apollinaire, 1914

Painting ID: CGD1015

Title: Torino printaniere, 1914

Painting ID: CGD1016

Title: Le Duo (Les Mannequins de la tour rosel), 1915

Painting ID: CGD1017

Title: Hector and Andromache, 1917

Painting ID: CGD1018

Title: The Prodigal Son, 1922

Painting ID: CGD1019

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