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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Ship & Boat Last Page)

Artist: Jan Karel Donatus van Beecq

Title: The 'Royal Prince' Before the Wind

Painting ID: S1901

Artist: Nicholas Pocock

Title: The 'Royal Sovereign' Conveying Louis XVIII to France

Painting ID: S1902

Artist: John Thomas Serres

Title: The 'Royal Sovereign' Yacht

Painting ID: S1903

Artist: Andries van Eertvelt

Title: 'Santa Maria' at Anchor

Painting ID: S1904

Artist: Thomas Buttersworth

Title: Artist: The Ship 'Ville de Paris' under Full Sail

Painting ID: S1905

Artist: Charles E. Turner

Title: The Sinking of the 'Bismarck'

Painting ID: S1906

Artist: Willem van de Velde, the Younger

Title: The 'St Andrew' at Sea in a Moderate Breeze

Painting ID: S1907

Artist: Dominic Serres, the Elder

Title: The 'St George' with Other Vessels

Painting ID: S1908

Artist: Herbert Barnard John Everett

Title: The 'Iquique'

Painting ID: S1909

Artist: Herbert Barnard John Everett

Title: The 'Iquique' and Tug 'Warrior'

Painting ID: S1910

Artist: Ludolf Bakhuizen

Title: The Island of Onrust

Painting ID: S1911

Artist: Ludolf Bakhuizen

Title: The Merchant Shipping Anchorage in the Texel with Texel Island and Oude Schild to the North West

Painting ID: S1912

Artist: Francis Holman

Title: The Moonlight Battle off Cape St Vincent, 16 January 1780

Painting ID: S1913

Artist: Richard Paton

Title: The Moonlight Battle off Cape St Vincent

Painting ID: S1914

Artist: William Lionel Wyllie

Title: 'The Nelson Touch': Restoring HMS 'Victory'

Painting ID: S1915

Artist: Charles Pears

Title: The Passenger Liner 'Queen Mary' Arriving at Southampton

Painting ID: S1916

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