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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Ship & Boat Page 2)

Artist: Willem van de Velde, the Younger

Title: The Battle of the Texel

Painting ID: S1017

Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner

Title: The Battle of Trafalgar

Painting ID: S1018

Artist: Ludolf Bakhuizen

Title: The Battle of Vigo Bay

Painting ID: S1019

Artist: Simon de Vlieger

Title: The Beach at Scheveningen

Painting ID: S1020

Artist: Thomas Luny

Title: The Blockade of Toulon

Painting ID: S1021

Artist: The Bombardment of Algiers

Title: George Chambers, Senior

Painting ID: S1022

Artist: John Wilson Carmichael

Title: The Bombardment of Sveaborg

Painting ID: S1023

Artist: Simon de Vlieger

Title: The 'Brederode' off Hellevoetsluis

Painting ID: S1024

Artist: Robert Salmon

Title: The Brig 'Ariel'

Painting ID: S1025

Artist: Richard Ernst Eurich

Title: The British Power Boat Company

Painting ID: S1026

Artist: Frans Franken, the Elder

Title: Allegory: the Ship of State

Painting ID: S1027

Artist: C. John M. Whichelo

Title: An American Ship in Distress

Painting ID: S1028

Artist: Charles Brooking

Title: An East Indiaman in a Fresh Breeze

Painting ID: S1029

Artist: Cornelisz Verbeecq

Title: An Engagement Between the Spanish and the Dutch

Painting ID: S1030

Artist: Peter Monamy

Title: An English East Indiaman

Painting ID: S1031

Artist: Peter Monamy

Title: An English Fleet Coming to Anchor

Painting ID: S1032

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