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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Landscape Page 2)

Artist: Thomas Cole

Title: Falls of Kaaterskill

Painting ID: L1017

Artist: Arnold Bocklin

Title: Pan Amongst the Reeds

Painting ID: L1018

Artist: Arnold Bocklin

Title: Nymphs Bathing

Painting ID: L1019

Artist: Arnold Bocklin

Title: Elysian Fields

Painting ID: L1020

Artist: Jules Breton

Title: The Communicants

Painting ID: L1021

Artist: Thomas Cole

Title: Kaaterskill Falls

Painting ID: L1022

Artist: Thomas Cole

Title: Landscape 325

Painting ID: L1023

Artist: Francois Ferriere

Title: The Old Port of Geneva

Painting ID: L1024

Artist: Francesco Guardi

Title: City View

Painting ID: L1025

Artist: Francesco Guardi

Title: An Architectural Caprice

Painting ID: L1026

Artist: Francesco Guardi

Title: The Doge of Venice

Painting ID: L1027

Artist: Johan Barthold Jongkind

Title: The Seine and Notre Dame in Paris

Painting ID: L1028

Artist: Jan van der Heyden

Title: The Dam with the New Town Hall

Painting ID: L1029

Artist: Bellotto Bernardo

Title: The Scuola of San Marco

Painting ID: L1030

Artist: Duccio di Buoninsegna

Title: Entry into Jerusalem

Painting ID: L1031

Artist: Frank Buscher

Title: Village Street in Woodstock, Virginia

Painting ID: L1032

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