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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Figure Last Page )

Artist: Fra Bartolommeo

Title: Resurrected Christ with Saints

Painting ID: F1901

Artist: Jacopo Bassano

Title: The Animals Entering the Ark

Painting ID: F1902

Artist: Pieter Aertsen

Title: Market Scene

Painting ID: F1903

Artist: Jacques-Louis David

Title: Leonidas at Thermopylae

Painting ID: F1904

Artist: Lucas Van Valkenborch

Title: The Feast of Midas

Painting ID: F1905

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: Liberty Leading the People

Painting ID: F1906

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: The Fanatics of Tangier

Painting ID: F1907

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: The Abduction of Rebecca

Painting ID: F1908

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: The Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople

Painting ID: F1909

Artist: Theodore Gericault

Title: The Race of the Barbary Horses

Painting ID: F1910

Artist: Jean Leon Gerome

Title: Recreation in a Russian Camp

Painting ID: F1911

Artist: Titian

Title: Crowning with Thorns

Painting ID: F1912

Artist: Baron Antoine-Jean Gros

Title: Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau on 9 February 1807

Painting ID: F1913

Artist: Baron Antoine-Jean Gros

Title: Napolean at Jaffa

Painting ID: F1914

Artist: Francisco de Goya

Title: The Fire

Painting ID: F1915

Artist: Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres

Title: Joan of Arc at the Coronation of Charles VII

Painting ID: F1916

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