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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Figure Page 1)

Artist: Ramon Bayeu

Title: Boy with Guitar

Painting ID: F1001

Artist: Dirck van Baburen

Title: The Procuress

Painting ID: F1002

Artist: Baglione

Title: Heavenly Love Conquering Earthly Love

Painting ID: F1003

Artist: Pompeo Batoni

Title: Thomas William Coke

Painting ID: F1004

Artist: Domenico Beccafumi

Title: Tanaquil, Wife of Lucomo

Painting ID: F1005

Artist: Courbet, Gustave

Title: The Peasants of Flagey Returning from the Fair

Painting ID: F1006

Artist: Giovanni Bellini

Title: Feast of the Gods

Painting ID: F1007

Artist: Giovanni Bellini

Title: The Presentation at the Temple

Painting ID: F1008

Artist: Giovanni Bellini

Title: Greek Madonna

Painting ID: F1009

Artist: Pierre-Auguste Cot

Title: Springtime I

Painting ID: F1010

Artist: Gustave Courbet

Title: Bonjour Monsieur Courbet

Painting ID: F1011

Artist: Franz Xaver Winterhalter

Title: The Empress Eugenie Surrounded by her Ladies in Waiting

Painting ID: F1012

Artist: William Blake

Title: God as an Architect

Painting ID: F1013

Artist: Rogier van der Weyden

Title: Middelburg Altarpiece

Painting ID: F1014

Artist: Pieter Aertsen

Title: The Adoration of the Shepherds

Painting ID: F1015

Artist: Agnolo Bronzino

Title: Holy Family with St.Anne and the Infant St.John

Painting ID: F1016

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