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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Animal Last Page)

Artist: Jacques-Laurent Agasse

Title: The Nubian Giraffe

Painting ID: Am1901

Artist: Arnold Bocklin

Title: War

Painting ID: Am1902

Artist: Paul Bril

Title: Paesaggio

Painting ID: Am1903

Artist: Aelbert Cuyp

Title: Rooster & Hens

Painting ID: Am1904

Artist: Aelbert Cuyp

Title: Cattle with Horseman and Peasants

Painting ID: Am1905

Artist: Aelbert Cuyp

Title: Young Herdsman with Cows by a River

Painting ID: Am1906

Artist: Edgar Degas

Title: At the Races

Painting ID: Am1907

Artist: Edgar Degas

Title: Race Horses 1885-1888

Painting ID: Am1908

Artist: Edgar Degas

Title: Before the Race

Painting ID: Am1909

Artist: Edgar Degas

Title: Chevaux de Courses

Painting ID: Am1910

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: Medieval War Scene

Painting ID: Am1911

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: The Barque of Dante

Painting ID: Am1912

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: Lion with a Rabbit

Painting ID: Am1913

Artist: Eugene Delacroix

Title: Arabian Horses Fighting in a Stable

Painting ID: Am1914

Artist: Francois Desportes

Title: Dog Guarding Game near a Rosebush

Painting ID: Am1915

Artist: Albrecht Durer

Title: Wing of a Roller

Painting ID: Am1916

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