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Special Order Sample Masterpiece Paintings: (Animal Page 2)

Artist: Jean Baptiste Oudry

Title: Misse et Turly

Painting ID: Am1017

Artist: Anthony Van Dyck

Title: Soldier on Horseback

Painting ID: Am1018

Artist: Eugene Fromentin

Title: Desert Scene

Painting ID: Am1019

Artist: Heywood Hardy

Title: Calling the Hounds Out of Cover

Painting ID: Am1020

Artist: John F Herring

Title: The Quarry

Painting ID: Am1021

Artist: John F Herring

Title: A Soldier with an Officers Charge

Painting ID: Am1022

Artist: John F Herring

Title: The Edinburgh and London Royal London Mail

Painting ID: Am1023

Artist: Sawrey Gilpin

Title: Furiband with his Owner Sir Harry Harpur and a Groom

Painting ID: Am1024

Artist: Julius Caesar Ibbetson

Title: Going to Market

Painting ID: Am1025

Artist: Julius Caesar Ibbetson

Title: Returning from Market

Painting ID: Am1026

Artist: Sir Edwin Landseer

Title: Dignity and Impudence

Painting ID: Am1027

Artist: Benjamin Marshall

Title: Francis Dukinfield Astley and his Harriers

Painting ID: Am1028

Artist: Charles M Russell

Title: Tight Dalley and a Loose Latigo

Painting ID: Am1029

Artist: BERCHEM, Nicolaes

Title: Landscape with Two Horses

Painting ID: Am1030

Artist: Botticelli, Sandro

Title: The Story of Nastagio degli Onesti

Painting ID: Am1031

Artist: Cuyp, Aelbert

Title: Grey Horse in a Landscape

Painting ID: Am1032

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